IM-52-GreenSierra IM-52™

Portable Raman Microscope

When your  Raman application requires precise spatial imaging of the sample and the exact location of the interrogation laser, the Sierra IM-52 imaging system is the answer.  The 3-megapixel imager creates crisp high resolution images and our epi-illumination provides clear images for opaque and transparent samples.  The interchangeable long working distance objectives allows the IM-52 to adapt to the most demanding samples, from micron sized features to large macroscopic samples.  When your application requires flexibility, you can easily switch to our vial/cuvette sample holder.  Snowy Range Instruments’ has over 10 years of experience manufacturing Raman instrumentation for the most challenging applications.





D7K_3388 editThe IM-52 is the top of the line of Snowy Range Instruments’ Sierra series spectrometers.  With precision spatial resolution and easy to use software you can unlock the power of Raman microscopy.  For example, the combination of micro-Raman with micro-channel separations permits precision chemical analysis of locations along the channels and at channel intersections.  The IM-52 is also ideal for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) analysis. The high resolution imaging allows you to inspect surface nanostructures prior to performing Raman analysis at precise locations.  With the push of a switch you can go from solid SERS substrate analysis to colloidal solution analysis. Snowy Range Instruments’ Sierra IM-52 is the peak of spectroscopy.








Product Specifications

Lasers 785 nm HR 785 nm
Power 100 mW 100 mW
Detector 2048 pixel, -10°C 2048 pixel, -10°C
Spectral Resolution 4 cm-1 8 cm-1
Spectral Range 200 – 2000 cm-1 200 – 3200 cm-1
System Controller 64 Bit 64 bit
Footprint (WxLxH) 4” x 14” x 11“ 4” x 14” x 11”
System weight 12 lbs 12 lbs